"So you want to be a Roman Soldier?"
Published by Thames and Hudson 
Based on the book by Philip Matyzak, abridged by Georgia Amson-Bradshaw
An essential guide for wannabe legionaries and fair warning for those brave, or stupid enough, to sign up.
Kate, Eddie and Angus learns what a life like in Roman Empire, house rules at base camp and how to storm a city.
"So you want to be a Viking?"
 Based on the book by John Haywood, abridged by Georgia Amson-Bradshaw
 Do YOU know how to survive a ship wreck?
Can you swing a battle axe like a pro?
Read this book and become a VIKING to be reckoned with.
"So you want to be a Ninja?"
Based on the book by Stephen Turnbull, abridged by Bruno Vincent
Kate, Eddie and Angus travel back in time to 1789 Japan to enrol in the Iga School of Ninjutsu. Under the guidance of the Grand Master, they learn the ninjutsu craft from two of Japan’s stealthiest ninjas
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